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My handbags are one of a kind.

I designed the pattern or tweaked a pattern to make it my own.

No two handbags are ever alike.
They are unique, but functional.
My creations are designed for Concealed Carry and beyond!

Fun FactAs a tribute to some wonderful women who helped shape my life, I have named my handbags after a few of my favorite people. :)

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Be your own designer

We all love designer bags and accessories - why not be your own designer? How many times have you seen one and thought "If only the color were different" or "that purse would be great if it had more pockets" - collaborating on your perfect design is what I do best!

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About Me

Hi...I am Penny

I am a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mama, Nana, Breast Cancer Survivor and crafter.

Everyone has a story to tell...I share mine with paper, glue, fabric and thread.

I retired from a Fortune 300 company after 20 years and found I loved to make pretty things.

(that's my sidekick Dash...all 4 pounds of him)